Originally hailing from the UK, with a degree in European Languages.  I moved to the Far East in 1995 where 

I was immediately thrown into a vibrant and exciting new world - a kaleidoscope of colours, sounds and aromas!

Largely self taught apart from a stint at Central St Martins College of Art and silversmithing classes in Dubai,

I was drawn to design and handcraft after trips to Italy and Turkey.  Watching Artisans passionately sawing, moulding and creating with Silver, Glass, Wood, Shell, has stayed with me forever.  In our climate of technology

I feel it's vital to cherish handcrafts & traditional skills.

I'm mesmerised by light-infused glass, shadows, textures and patterns and inspiration comes from a myriad of sources; stained glass church windows, stormy skies, foliage, landscapes, seascapes. The Natural world.